Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sometimes we wish for stuff that we imagine is within our reach but the moment our need for that becomes strong we realise that we were being sill, childish and immature in thinking that we could have it.. but by then the thoughts of that thing/person are so strong that its hard to even think about what it would be like if it did nt turn out the way we imagined..

These are the moments in which our faith and our believes help us.. the thought that there is some higher being looking out for me is comforting..

I do pray what I am hoping for comes true and if the odds prevail and I end up empty handed in that regard, God, give me the strength to move on..!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the only thing i did wrong was that i did what i was told to do!!!

khair i know if i m in some istuation i obviously have the power to get out of it..

and i wish i could let it all out for a change!!!

i m sick of keeping it all in.. it just keeps pilling up

mayb its the december blues.. but i m still sure that i can handle this!

all i need is something to focus on.
sometimes we do things and have this idea that those are the right things

but actually we are just complicating stuff even more than before

when i was doing all that i knew that was the way but now i cant find the reason for me to do it

there could have been a 100 different ways

i ended it well.. or atleast right now i think i did..

but i dont know if everything is okay even now..

i just trust you so much Allah.. i know You will make everything great for me..

i would nt have to worry about a thing.. but plz plz plz, till then give me peace!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4th august

i m so tired of everything n everyone around me
i just want things to stop
y cant i catch up to the world
btw i dun want to walk wid the world
i just want to b more aware of my surroundings n stuff thatz happening
i simply hate all this
yes.. i mean HATE
well i just hope everything turns out ok
not just for me but for everyone

Friday, July 31, 2009

a simple life
no issues
just plain small day to day stuff
how hard can it b
i cant take all this tension and all this irritating attitude
i just let ppl b like this to me forever
mayb amnaz right
i m a door mat
ppl can just walk all over me
they have the guts to do it and then they dont even realise i dun like it
who would
i dunno what i will do in life
my sight,my vision
everything gets blurred
and i hate snapping
i snapped at my own frndz coz they were irritating me
i hate all this so much
i want all this to be over
just want to get things out of my mind
get over stuff
accept ppl for what they r like
stop expecting from ppl
but no matter how much i want to do all this
i can never ever manage to do all this
my life is all in twists n keeps turning round
i want just one person who can understand all this
n b there for me
u know just once i would love to have someone asking me time n again what the problem is
n someone i can trust wid my problems

Sunday, July 26, 2009

jsut a few minutes ago
its scary
and specially when u r sitting inside a glass building and on the 2nd floor
Allah keep us all safe