Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the only thing i did wrong was that i did what i was told to do!!!

khair i know if i m in some istuation i obviously have the power to get out of it..

and i wish i could let it all out for a change!!!

i m sick of keeping it all in.. it just keeps pilling up

mayb its the december blues.. but i m still sure that i can handle this!

all i need is something to focus on.
sometimes we do things and have this idea that those are the right things

but actually we are just complicating stuff even more than before

when i was doing all that i knew that was the way but now i cant find the reason for me to do it

there could have been a 100 different ways

i ended it well.. or atleast right now i think i did..

but i dont know if everything is okay even now..

i just trust you so much Allah.. i know You will make everything great for me..

i would nt have to worry about a thing.. but plz plz plz, till then give me peace!!!!