Friday, July 31, 2009

a simple life
no issues
just plain small day to day stuff
how hard can it b
i cant take all this tension and all this irritating attitude
i just let ppl b like this to me forever
mayb amnaz right
i m a door mat
ppl can just walk all over me
they have the guts to do it and then they dont even realise i dun like it
who would
i dunno what i will do in life
my sight,my vision
everything gets blurred
and i hate snapping
i snapped at my own frndz coz they were irritating me
i hate all this so much
i want all this to be over
just want to get things out of my mind
get over stuff
accept ppl for what they r like
stop expecting from ppl
but no matter how much i want to do all this
i can never ever manage to do all this
my life is all in twists n keeps turning round
i want just one person who can understand all this
n b there for me
u know just once i would love to have someone asking me time n again what the problem is
n someone i can trust wid my problems

Sunday, July 26, 2009

jsut a few minutes ago
its scary
and specially when u r sitting inside a glass building and on the 2nd floor
Allah keep us all safe

27th july

some problem with our log-ins
cant work
bored out of my skin
one frnd on leave
the second is with her team
all alone
miss home
just want stop everything n run away

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

how did i ever get this stupid??
y cant i make up my mind regarding my own life??
is it that hard?
if it is, trhen howcome everyone else is doing it??
i know for sure i m not dumb.. then y do i loose all my senses when they r required the most
y cant i just think straight??

and anither thing on my mind:
y cant i every control my emotions??
what is wrong with me??
y cant i like,dislike ppl whenever i want to?
y cant i socialise whenever i want to?
my ppl skills cant b this weak

how do i get out of this phase?
what do i have to do?
and if i knew what i had to do, would i b able to do it?

y m i so confused??
now thatz the billion dollar question!!!!

23rd july

had a frnd who passed away a while ago
v were never that close
but i miss her so much
she was a realllllllly nice n sweet person
u know, ppl who can never be replaced
who have ambitions
who like doing stuff for other
and who just happen to do the right things
she was all that and alot more
May Allah bless her forever
pata what makes me feel good about her lfie even more??
she found someone who loved her like anything
unconditional and never ending
and she gave him alot more in return
just a few months after their wedding she died
the pain of her husband is so terrible even in my imagination
the thought of ur "someone" dieing just months after being together with them
the horror is so much
sometimes i fail to realise the lesson in all this
but GOD always knows better than us all
its just so hard to think about

please, whoever reads this.. do pray for her

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sometimes the standard of "FUNNY" for ppl crosses my tolerance level
and ppl get so irritating
i cant stand them at that moment
well.. i cant help feeling bad
i am a human, are nt i??
y is that so hard to understand??

Thursday, July 16, 2009

how is it that i end up having frndz ppl like alot more than me??
i m nt jealous, i m just curious.. everytime??
school, college,neighbourhood.. how??
well its just a fact that i have noticed..
and as long as i can live with it, i m ok.
honestly, i m nt that nice a person myself.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

sometimes it feels like i really have to lean on someone
tell them everything i feel
everything that worries me
all the things weighting me down, keeping me miserably n ungrateful
but where do i find that someone
y cant ppl see past my "anti-social" appearance
i just want someone to stick it through n earn my trust
i have done it for other ppl, y cant someone do that for me??
you know what, sometimes i want a "classic movie" romance
someone so crazy about me that i dun have to think abt what i do or say when i m wid that someone
but ppl today are just so patience-less
they just cant wait
well, i am waiting for someone to come n take me away from all this
n praying for that someone to b he right one as well