Wednesday, July 22, 2009

23rd july

had a frnd who passed away a while ago
v were never that close
but i miss her so much
she was a realllllllly nice n sweet person
u know, ppl who can never be replaced
who have ambitions
who like doing stuff for other
and who just happen to do the right things
she was all that and alot more
May Allah bless her forever
pata what makes me feel good about her lfie even more??
she found someone who loved her like anything
unconditional and never ending
and she gave him alot more in return
just a few months after their wedding she died
the pain of her husband is so terrible even in my imagination
the thought of ur "someone" dieing just months after being together with them
the horror is so much
sometimes i fail to realise the lesson in all this
but GOD always knows better than us all
its just so hard to think about

please, whoever reads this.. do pray for her

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