Sunday, May 31, 2009

after closing, we were supposed to be "work-free" for 2 - 3 days
but v have work today at the office and loads of it
but the weather is beautiful
cloudy n cool
so anythings bearable
monday is the hardest day of the week
and i think my headache has something to do with my office
just thinking abt my office makes my head ache
but i m just so looking forward to the next wekend again
i m so going to sleep all day
that was my plan for this week

31st may 2009

weekends are beautiful.. busy .. but beautiful..
went shopping with my eldest sis for my parent's anniversary gift..
it was on 21st but they r nt here so v r planning a surprise for them when they come back..
ordered a bed set and got a few decoration pieces..
oo i love shopping so much ..
but i m tired.. i have so much to do..
but atleast my headache is gone (nt completely)

Friday, May 29, 2009

everything keeps going from wrong to worse..
i dun have work n i have had this headache for the last 4 days..
i wanted to go home early n ppl at my office think its so "not on"
i mean what is your prob ppl
cant i go home if i dun have anything to do
i freaking hate all this "bossy" attitude things
i wish i could do something about it

Thursday, May 28, 2009

my life as it is

well,i dunno how this really works but i just thought itz a good way to get thibngs out in the open
so i think today would be a good starting pt.
yesterday ended our monthly closing,so i dun have anything to do.. nthat makes me go crazy coz i dont like being idle
what i really wanted to post was that i feel so over loaded with other people's worries that i dun have time or energy to think about my own..
n whatz worse is ppl i care abt have so many worries even they dont have time for my worries
but i understand n i can live with this
n yea.. its so hot here i just want clouds n a lil rain to brighten up my day