Friday, May 29, 2009

everything keeps going from wrong to worse..
i dun have work n i have had this headache for the last 4 days..
i wanted to go home early n ppl at my office think its so "not on"
i mean what is your prob ppl
cant i go home if i dun have anything to do
i freaking hate all this "bossy" attitude things
i wish i could do something about it

1 comment:

  1. Hi!
    I am sorry if I am poking in from no-where.
    Just could not resist after reading your posts.
    Every dark cloud definitely has a silver lining.
    Don't worry too much because you can still make a difference. I hope that the Sunday makes your life and headache better. Being Bossy is the problem with few who get power while they did not rightly deserve that. It may be a test of God for them. So take a chill pill, put your head down and be ready for another week. Try to be happy because it makes life easier.
    Replying to this message is not must but still if you decide to reply, you can find my email address in my Blogger profile or in my blog.
    Do what you like the best!!!