Wednesday, July 22, 2009

how did i ever get this stupid??
y cant i make up my mind regarding my own life??
is it that hard?
if it is, trhen howcome everyone else is doing it??
i know for sure i m not dumb.. then y do i loose all my senses when they r required the most
y cant i just think straight??

and anither thing on my mind:
y cant i every control my emotions??
what is wrong with me??
y cant i like,dislike ppl whenever i want to?
y cant i socialise whenever i want to?
my ppl skills cant b this weak

how do i get out of this phase?
what do i have to do?
and if i knew what i had to do, would i b able to do it?

y m i so confused??
now thatz the billion dollar question!!!!

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