Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3rd June 2009

everyday is a new realisation these days
i read somewhere that "all ppl want is someone who can listen"
n when i m there to listen they might take me for granted
n itz nt their fault (atleast nt all of it)
itz my own fault as well
i dun remember ever telling someone that i have enough on my plate kindly keep ur stuff to urself
i m there to help..n i like it this way
well then y should i ever feel bad
ppl do have good n bad days
that does nt mean they r "100% good" or "100% bad"
i keep taking things the wrong way
n yea.. i got a call frm someone frm the office asking abt my qualificatons n experience yesterday
i hope it was related to promotion and that i do get promoted
i m so not gonna stay stuck in the twisted situation for long
i m gonna et over it and move on
atleast i will try

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  1. Allah always blesses us with one thing and tests us in another. If you want to be happy, look at those who are inferior to you!!!! And believe me you will be the happiest!!!
    I agree that your job may be tough..... But is your job tougher than mine???? Naaahhhhh.... I'm a army man and it is tough ..... really tough...... but still there are people living even tougher lives .... and believe me much, much tougher than mine.
    So I stay happy and you must also. Isn't it?