Wednesday, June 3, 2009

4th june

yesterday was one freakish day
firstly, i had to stay late
which is SO not me
i usually finish my work before evryone else n then enjoy the feeling
but yesterday.... well i had to stay late n even then i finished last
it was coz of the quality of work v recieved and also due to the fact that i was a lil lazy n so not in the mood for working
wellleft office aroung 9 pm
then had to share a company car with 3 other girls
2 had to b dropped before me
n i dun really get along with those two very well
funny situation
the thrid one was from another branch so i did nt know her
well got home n then had to leave again coz i had to get groceries for home
n then i had to help out with dinner and then my phupoo was here had to give her time
so i slept late
but woke up widout a headache today
hope i have a good day at the office

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