Thursday, June 25, 2009

i feel like i m in the wizard of oz
i m dorothy
so far from home
ppl who love me n care for me
in a cruel n cold world
with friends who r looking for answers
just want to go back home
b wid my ppl
but whenever i go home i cant stop thinking about when i will ave to go back again
i m scared
but i dont think i m as strong as dorothy
wat if i get lost n can never ever go home..??
ppl scare me, places scare me, situations scare me..
what will i ever do
what if my "wizard of oz" will never end wid me living wid my ppl, my family forever
and what if i dont get there??
everything confuses me
ppl, their behavior, what they say, everything contradicts
i cant get it
y does everything have to be confusing
i just want a simple world
miss u mama abu

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