Wednesday, June 17, 2009


sometimes i wonder what it would have been like if everything was all normal and ok and ppl were nice and considerate n all
y do v have to live in a world so wrong, realise the fact that it is wrong and still keep living in it??and y ,then, do v keep doing the wrong things if v know they r wrong??
y do v think if v do something wrong, some lame excuse can make it right?? y is nt realisation enough??
if i could i would have changed this imperfect world.. but then it would have been according to my wishes and even they might have been wrong..!!!
mayb what i think is right is actually wrong
things keep confusing me
sometimes i cant understand things and at other times i think i think a lil too much and take the wrong conclusion
i sometimes hate ppl coz i cant hae them.. i am imperfect and i think the world is imperfect
mayb two imperfections might end up making a terribly imperfect situation..
but i dun want that.. and still i dun have any idea as to how to b perfect or even to give "being perfect" a shot..
is life so confusing for everyone??sometimes when i see different ppl in different places i wonder what life for them s like..
the thought that life for some ppl might b perfect is so wrong but i cant help thinking about it
i m one confused person

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