Tuesday, June 2, 2009

corrections to the last one

i m so angry at some ppl i cant even spell right :)
*biased TOWARDS me

i hope there is nothing wrong with the last post now


  1. Sorry to hop in again....
    But I think that you were not too stressed because the correct use of words was "Biased against me" and NOT "biased towards me". "Biased towards me" means that someone is favouring you against someone else ----- which does not seem to be your concern. ;)
    Thank God that your headache has left you.....
    Keep Smiling like :)))

  2. lolzz
    well yea
    i do get stuff wrong sometimes
    n u r in the army..
    my dad is a retired army officer as well
    i know my life is not tough at all
    but at times i just feel like saying stuff
    n i thought using this blog thing is better than not saying anything at all