Tuesday, June 2, 2009

still waiting for work to begin at my end
everybody else seems to be doing something
i am so not good at spending my free time at the office
thats why i like working so much
what i was thinking about right now is that where will i end up
u know in the longer run
nt as long as 10 yrs or something
like 2-4 yrs
where will i be
i dun think i can continue a job at this position for another yr
i need to grow in my profession n if thats nt going to happen here i will change my job or something
i have such big plans
sometimes i worry if i will even b alive to see them through
well everything will unfold with time
i just hope "very" bad things dont happen to me
i can handle bad but very bad is a lil hard to handle
well hoping the best for everyone
n missing my parents alot

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